Tired of Tripped Breakers?

You may need an electrical panel upgrade in Oakham, Belchertown or Holden, MA

If your home was built more than 20 years ago, it could need an electrical panel upgrade. Modern energy consumption puts a strain on older electrical systems, leading to flickering lights, tripped breakers and potential fire hazards.

Count on an electrical technician from Thomas McCaffrey Electrician to evaluate your home's electrical system. If it's outdated, we can perform a full electrical panel upgrade. Call our Oakham, MA location at 978-434-1955 now to speak with an experienced electrician about your home's electrical system.

3 types of electrical panel repair work

3 types of electrical panel repair work

Sometimes you don't need a complete panel replacement. Common electrical panel repair work includes:

  1. Replacing breakers: An electrician can tell you if your circuit is just worn out, or if it's a sign of a serious electrical problem.
  2. Repairing chewed wires: Pests can wreak havoc in your electrical panel, requiring careful wire replacements and repairs.
  3. Adding new breakers: We can install tandem breakers to add a new circuit to your current electrical system.
If you're using more power than your service panel can provide, we offer complete rewiring services.

If you live in the Oakham, MA area, schedule electrical panel repair services through Thomas McCaffrey Electrician today.