Need More Power?

Need More Power?

Use appliances safely with an electrical outlet installation in Oakham, Belchertown or Holden, MA

Older homes don't typically offer the number of outlets our modern lives require. Don't overburden an electrical outlet by plugging appliances into a power strip. Thomas McCaffrey Electrician handles electrical outlet installation and replacement services in Oakham, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. We can also install new switches to make your home's lighting more convenient.

Call 978-434-1955 to schedule an electrical outlet installation for your home.

Illuminate your home with a light fixture installation

Is your home's lighting a little lackluster? Whether you want to update a flickering porch light or add a modern flair to your kitchen, Thomas McCaffrey Electrician can help. We install new lighting for residential customers in the Oakham, MA area. Our light fixture installation work includes:

  • Interior lighting upgrades: Choose new pendant, track or dome lighting for every room in your home.
  • Exterior walkway lighting: Illuminate the pathways to and from your home for safety and style.
  • Security lighting: Add motion sensor lighting around your doors, windows and walkways.
Improve your home's appearance and safety with our light fixture installation services today.